Early childhood education for low-income children ages 3-4 in the Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant communities in Brooklyn.

Bring your child in for registration at the center  from Monday through Thursday, between 9 AM and 3 PM. 

You will need the following documents to register your child: 

  1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Child’s immunization records
  3. Child’s medical insurance card
  4. Food Stamp Letter of benefits (if applicable)
  5. Parents’/Guardians’ indentification
  6. Three names of emergency contacts with current, working phone numbers (emergency contacts must be 18 years or older)
  7. Proof of income documentation (dated within the last 60 days). Any of the following are accepted:
    • TANF Budget Letter/Recertification Letter
    • Foster care receipt/letter
    • Social Security/SSI benefit Letter
    • Last four Pay Stubs
    • W2 Income TAX Form
    • Support/Child Support letter (notarized)
    • Employment letter on company letterhead and signed with company shield/stamp (or notarized if stamp/shield is not available)
    • If Self-Employed:
      • Business and Personal Income Tax Returns (IRS 1040/Schedules C and SE)
      • Notarized statement of income if self-employed less than 3 months
  8. Proof of residence (dated within the last 60 days). Two documents must be provided. Any of the following are accepted:
  • A residential utility bill (gas or electric) in the resident’s name
  • Documentation on letterhead from a federal, state, or local government agency showing the resident’s name and address
  • An original lease agreement/deed/mortgage statement for the residence
  • A current property tax bill for the residence
  • A water bill for the residence
  • Notarized statement from current landlord


Families are notified in June about September enrollment. Children may be enrolled throughout the year if space is available. Once your child is accepted into the program, staff will contact you to provide information and answer your questions.