Early childhood education for low-income children ages 3-4 in the Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant communities in Brooklyn.

Parental Involvement 

If children are to reach their fullest potential, families must have an opportunity to influence the character of the program, which affect the development of their children. 

We believe that parents are their children’s first teachers and encourage strong parent-teacher collaboration! Studies have shown that the more involvement that you have in your child’s schooling, the more likely s/he is to be successful and happy in their education.

Parents of enrolled children are automatically members of their child’s classroom committee.  We strongly urge families to attend orientation and elections for the committees, which are held  every  fall.

Every parent will have an opportunity to become a part of the governing body. You will be responsible for  policy and decision-making, advocating for your family, and reaching out to community members and   developing partners. Parent involvement ‘is heavily valued and encouraged!    

Delegate Agency Policy Committee

The DAPC is a decision-making group, which allows parents and community members to play a meaningful role in determining the nature and direction of the program their child is enrolled in. Parents do not need any experience to be on the Policy  Committee, training is provided. 

What goes on in Delegate Parent Council (DAPC) ?

The DPAC  is similar to a school board or “PTA” for the Head Start program, and is comprised of current Head Start parents and members of the local community.  Policy Council works in partnership with the Head Start Management Team in the development and approval of the program’s goals and objectives, guidelines to use in selecting children and families for Head Start, funding applications and grant proposals, the annual program self-assessment, and other important program issues, including the hiring of new Head Start staff.  Policy Council is part of the Head Start “governance structure” that includes the Policy Council, Board of Directors, Executive Director and Head Start Director.

Parents are also encouraged become involved in many of the Parents Engagement activities throughout the year including Thanksgiving Luncheon, Holiday Presentations, Multicultural Events, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfast and Moving Up Ceremonies.

Policy Council

We are looking for community members to join, particularly those with experience in education, early childhood, child development, child health, human services, non-profit administration, or social work.  College students taking course work in these areas, or related fields, are also welcome!


Community Representatives attend the Policy Council meetings which occur locally once per month  and last approximately two hours.  

Benefits to you

Gain experience in the development of community-based services and non-profit management. Network with professionals, parents and others in the community.  Help support services for low-income children and families. Add experience to your resume!