Early childhood education for low-income children ages 3-4 in the Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant communities in Brooklyn.

Parent and family engagement in Head Start is about building relationships with families that support family well-being; supporting strong relationships between parents and their children; and nurturing ongoing learning and development for both parents and children. 

By utilizing the program foundations of program leadership, program improvement and professional development, we will strive to promote family well-being; parent-child relationships; families as lifelong educators; families as learners; family engagement in transitions; family connections to peers and community and finally, families as advocates and leaders.  These expected outcomes will lead to having children ready for school.

Promoting family well-being

  • Family Workers warmly greet families and conduct intakes.
  • Family Workers help parents set goals for themselves and their families and strategies for achieving goals.
  • Staff greets families daily and talks with them about their child’s day (unless bussed).
  • We conduct a Bi-lingual program.
  • Agency welcomes cultural diversity.