Early childhood education for low-income children ages 3-4 in the Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant communities in Brooklyn.

We Strive for Healthier Children Through
Our Mental and Physical Wellness Services

Although the education of your child is at the top of our priority list, our focus is also on health. The services available through our Head Start program can provide parents with peace of mind regarding the physical well-being of their children. Our mental health services are provided by a specialized consultant from the Bilingual Mental Health Service Corporation. Aspects of this service include:

Behavior Management

The Mental Health Department offers support and guidance to families and staff if a child is demonstrating challenging behavior in school or at home. The Mental Health Department can provide consultations and behavior modification plans to address these issues in a delicate but effective manner.


The Mental Health Department provides families with consultations and short term counseling. Play therapy sessions are also available upon request. Additionally, the Mental Health Department can provide families with mental health referrals to other providers in the community.

Family Support

The Mental Health Department offers parent workshops on topics related to mental health, education, child development and behavior. The Mental Health Department also facilitates a parent support group, in which all parents are encouraged to participate.

Evaluations and Assessment

Head Start children receive a developmental screening within the first 45 days of starting in the classroom. This screening is called the BRIGANCE and it helps determine a child’s need for individualized support and services. If related services are recommended based on the developmental screening’s results, the Mental Health Department will support the parents throughout the evaluation process.

Center for PreSchool Special Education Authorized Integrated Classes

We offer CPSE Services – Center for PreSchool Special Education Authorized Integrated Classes in partnership with our NYS-licensed provider, KIDS-CENTRIC.


Skills-driven, high-energy and fun-filled instruction delivered by coaches and dance instructors who are trained and certified.

Additional Services

The Mental Health Department isn’t the only resource available through the Head Start program. Our additional services, which are available to enrolled children as well as local families, include both vision and audiology testing. An onsite registered nurse reviews all children’s immunization records and schedules screenings as needed. Professionals from dental clinics also come to the center to examine the children and provide preventative oral care.

We are proud to be in possession of an AED (automated external defibrillator) device, courtesy of the Dominic A. Murray 21 Foundation. Not only is this life-saving technology available at all times in the center, but we’ve ensured that local hospital volunteers are on hand to operate it in the event of a medical emergency. We’re also developing a new partnership with Wyckoff Hospital, an important community fixture in Brooklyn.